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Side effects may include taste alterations, shaking, fever, and headache. dose of Lexapro for treating depression in adults or adolescents is 10 mg once daily. may get side effects. Tell your doctor if you get any side effects after stopping LEXAPRO. The standard dose for this medicine is 10 mg per day. This may be . Escitalopram is used to treat depression and anxiety. Escitalopram belongs to a class of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI). To reduce your risk of side effects, your doctor may direct you to start taking this drug at a low dose and gradually increase.

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This is characterised by profuse and rapidly changing ideas, exaggerated gaiety and excessive physical activity. Kimberly Hotz, PharmD. Neither Everyday Health nor its licensor assume any responsibility for any aspect of healthcare administered with the aid of the information provided. A: In clinical studies, up to 5 percent of patients taking Lexapro gained weight. Although there has been a long-standing concern that antidepressants may have a role in inducing worsening of depression and the emergence of suicidality in certain patients, a causal role for antidepressants in inducing such behaviors has not been established. Do not leave it in the car. How long will I take it for? This does not mean it is not effective for anxiety disorders. Was this severe weight gain caused by Lexapro? side effects of lexapro 10mg Michelle McDermott, RPh. Q: Is Lexapro causing my bloating and sleep problems? It is part of a group of antidepressant medications called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs. Kristen Dore, PharmD. Every effort has been made to erfects that the information provided by on this page is accurate, up-to-date, and complete, can aciclovir dosis adulto something no guarantee is made to that effect. I notice that I have been clenching my jaw and I am experiencing extreme tenderness in my neck and shoulder joints. A: Increased weight is listed in Lexapro's package insert as an adverse side effect that was reported by some patients who took Lexapro during clinical trials. The literature shows that this medication can be passed in the breast milk to infants. Risk factors for the development of SSRI- associated hyponatremia including advanced age, female gender, concomitant use of effectsslecapro body weight, and lower baseline serum sodium levels ingredients careprost been identified. Is this from the Lexapro? I thought it wouldn't do this. Is this the right drug for me? Lexapro Dosage. Is there another drug I can take without withdrawal from Lexapro that has a generic? Therefore, it is hard to determine how often a side effect occurs.