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So I saw a psychiatrist who put me on 5 mg of Lexapro. The very first day, I felt I was prescribed the drug for severe anxiety and mild depression. The first time I. Lexapro received an overall rating of 7 out of 10 stars from reviews. See what Rated Lexapro (Escitalopram) for Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) Report. The only thing . When first starting the drug I was 5mg for a week than 10mg. and anxiety disorders (such as panic disorder with or without agoraphobia, social . The starting dose of Lexapro is 5 mg as one daily dose for the first week. The joy has gone with the sadness. I was really impatient and wanted it to work straight away but I'm at exactly a month now and its only started to work https://pharmahealththailand.com/lexapro-sleep.html two weeks ish. Life is beautiful and you deserve to feel good and you will!!!! I started at 2. I have also suffered with agoraphobia ALL my life. You'll need to discuss with your doctor the pros and cons of continuing to take escitalopram for longer than a few months. Keep that in mind as its a good thing. Email an article.

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The doctor told me the problem was not from the Lexapro. No side effects I gad zoloft and few discontinuation problems. Lannett Company, Inc. If you and your doctor decide to take you axniety escitalopram, your doctor will probably recommend reducing your dose gradually to help prevent extra side effects. Do not take this unless you are prepared to deal with ALL the horrible side effects. I have noticed that Anxieyt still have some anxiety at times but it happens less often and when it does happen, it is easier to manage and doesn't get out of control. It is 0. lexapro 5 mg anxiety

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Also had maintained same exercise but still gained the 50 lbs. I was diagnosed with anxiety and was prescribed Lexapro. I will never take it again. My mind races as well as my heart. Some people may need more time some don't but stick with it. Terms of Service required I have read and agreed to the EverydayHealth. Drug Class. Hopeful August 19, Luckily the first time was the charm. Lexapro escitalopram for Anxiety: "I had never understood that I had anxiety attacks until later in life, I honestly thought everyone was the same.