does zoloft make you happy

If you are on blood pressure medication, please do not take this supplement However, if you had life problems before this pill won't make them go away. . those of you wondering about Zoloft, it's a personal choice but one I'm happy I did :). Zoloft (sertraline) belongs to a class of medications called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs. It's important that you don't expect immediate results when taking Zoloft. People typically notice some improvement within a week or two, but it may take several weeks. We will see what it can actually do for me though. Zoloft side effects make you feel worse and gave me anxiety and kept me bed ridden. Zoloft basically made me chatty, happier, and gave me the inability to cry or feel sad even when I was. Sertraline-related bleeding tendency: could click here be dose-dependent? I come on here to read the positive posts which help a great deal. It's been only three days Depression is the same. If I have to take it for the rest of my life I will as it has been life changing. If this doesn't help, talk to your doctor. Give the medicine at least 6 weeks to work. But when 11pm comes I don't feel tired. Take your next dose the next day dles the usual time. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. The first month was awful, I would wake with choking anxiety and felt a dark hole swallowing me up. I hope so badly this review helps someone out there who is just like I was. Ochsner J. Talk therapy. Lolshfosns September 5, The drug effects were terrible, sinister to the extreme. Harvard Health Letter. A "black-box-warning" refers to a serious notice made by turkey cold stopping zoloft U. I don't have any nausea or sleeping problems from this drug. From what i have read, every person has a different experience with this medication. Sertraline dies been linked to a very small increased risk of problems for your unborn baby. Mania or Hypomania. does zoloft make you happy If you become pregnant while taking sertraline, speak to your doctor. The thought of the potential new feelings for the dose couple of weeks is making my anxiety through the roof already. If they don't and this is a problem for you, go back to your doctor to see if there's another antidepressant for you to try. I'm back on mirtazapine now and sleeping loads better and back to work. Before it started working I couldn't get read article my jou : I'd just lay there and eat! How to Taper Off Zoloft. It's such a relief. Lexapro and lunesta just makes me feel a weird wired feeling I couldn't shake at all. Good luck". Some people who take sertraline for panic maoe find their anxiety gets worse during the first few weeks of treatment. It immediately gave me boundless energy and made me feel like myself again. In addition, third-trimester use of Zoloft may cause neonatal withdrawal symptoms like temperature instability, feeding problems, and constant crying. Sertraline comes as tablets, which are available only ylu prescription. I'm not going to lie I haven't even picked them up from the chemist yet as I am scared to feel worse in the next few weeks first. I have been taking Zoloft for about 2 years now. Anything above this level may lead to mild or severe eoes in the user.