alternative to lexapro no weight gain

Earlier studies linking antidepressant use to weight gain were usually small and short. (Wellbutrin), citalopram (Celexa), duloxetine (Cymbalta), escitalopram ( Lexapro), Not everyone taking antidepressants gained weight. . Complementary and alternative medicine · Dental Health · Diabetes · Diet and. NHS medicines information on escitalopram - what it's used for, side effects, dosage weight gain or loss without trying; changes in your periods, such as heavy. Lexapro boosts serotonin levels, which may lead to weight gain. It is not completely clear why taking SSRIs such as Lexapro can lead to weight gain. trying an alternative drug to see if it causes them fewer side effects. Hope our book is helpful. I weigt not wish to reassure You may not notice much improvement in your symptoms for a week or two until escitalopram gajn to take effect. There are other side effects and factors to consider when choosing an antidepressant. Weight gain is a possible side effect of many antidepressant drugs. I always have to battle with myself with the concept that small sample sizes can be so unreliable, but the evidence continues to bear out this fact. What if I take too much? For some people, fluctuation in weight is only temporary. Don't expect to feel better overnight though. I have done some research on it and it seems it doesn't make you gain weight zoloft agitation most people have good results from it. Like most people my weight varies but previously even missing just a few meals would result in losing 2kg - that has changed dramatically - now missing meals or restricting meals to stock based soup and 2 peices of toast would change my weight only by half a kilo. I was on Lexapro for months and gained 30 pounds. These medicines are a type of antidepressant called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs. Please start doing some mild exercise so that you can build up your stamina. Latest news New flu venlafaxine vs zoloft skin patch could do away with needles. alternative to lexapro no weight gain Have your mother put on her reading glasses and read the small print that lists the side effects of the medication you are taking. MAOIs that cause weight gain include:. In this article, we look at how Lexapro can affect appetite and weight. It helped me lose weight. So hopefully other people out there can give you some more input from their stories. There's some evidence that escitalopram can reduce the quality of sperm, but it's not known whether this reduces male fertility.