25 mg zoloft for anxiety

Find patient medical information for Zoloft Oral on WebMD including its uses, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety. For Depression "I started off on 25mg Zoloft for depression. Felt better for a At first it did increase my anxiety and panic attacks as it says it would. I am a female . User Reviews for Sertraline to treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder . "I've been on 25mg of Zoloft for a week now (increasing tomorrow to 50mg) and the side. 25 mg zoloft for anxiety

25 mg zoloft for anxiety - opinion

I couldn't eat or sleep or watch TV. This drug did as much bad as it did good. But my anxiety was so high, my mind raced more, I had really bad dry mouth, I was dizzy and I would space out a lot and felt like I had brain fog. Went to my doctor and was prescribed Zoloft 50mg and Diazepam 5 mg. He is on 50 mg at present. I would be very worried about long term effects if that were my daughter. I woke up and instantly felt better and had hope for the future. I plan to stay on this medication as I feel more at peace and have a higher tolerance to stress. My son started with 50 mg too. I started on 25mg for a week, then went up to 50mg where I am currently at now. My source mg". Then came from what I can only describe as my saviour.